Repeater updates

146.060+ 123.0
443.900+ 94.8

Vince, N6OA, is generously providing WIRES-X support for the 70-cm machine. WIRES-X access is digital-only. The repeater will still pass analog traffic, so those of you with analog rigs, please check the S-meter before transmitting. Also, because the duty-cycle has become rather high, the output power of the 70-cm machine as been reduced to 25W. This will allow a 100% duty-cycle without power drops.

On the 2-meter side, the new amp is in place. A bit about the new amp is in order.

It is fairly common knowledge that YSF repeaters are unable to maintain 100% duty cycle at full power. They start out at 50 watts, but as they heat up, the power is reduced to 25W. We see this when folks from St. Augustine, for instance, join our net, check in, but as the net goes on they stop hearing us.

We now have a Henry Radio C130AB10R amplifier doing the heavy lifting. Our DR-1X now puts out 5 watts, well within it’s capability. The amplifier is a 10dB system which, while capable of 100W, is only asked to provide 50. The hope, is that through not running anything full-on, we can extend the life of the entire system and have a more consistent operating experience.

The July meeting is cancelled and we may be moving our meeting location.

The next Palatka Amateur Radio Club meeting may be held on August 18, 2020. We also may be changing locations. Please check back for details

Upcoming Club Meetings

Month (possible!) Topic
August 18  
September 15  
October 20 Officer Nomination
November 17 Annual Meeting/Elections
December 15 (tentative) Dinner
January 19

U.S.N.G Links

Here are the links from the U.S.N.G. presentation from the April 18th meeting. Each will open up in a new window.

[NB] Google changed the terms of their Map API so that it started costing folks a lot more to use it. As a result GMap4 site which we had previously pointed to shut down for free use. KF4SYZ graciously located another site that provides similar information and I have replaced the link below.

Once you are on the Mission Manager site, there will be a ‘Coords:’ dropdown where you should select ‘USNG’. At the top, make sure the ‘Grid’ checkbox is selected. From that point, you can zoom in up to a 100m grid. The pointer can provide 1m coordinates.

USNG Homepage
Convert Lat/Lon to USNG
Mission Manager mapping site.
General Information
Florida Incident Mapper